The offers system in Ghost allows you to convert more paid customers by offering shareable discounts to your audience.

Creating an offer

The offers page appears in Ghost Admin when you have an active Stripe connection in place.

Offers can be created for any plan or tier, using a percentage or dollar discount amount. Discounts can be applied once, over multiple months, or forever.

Each offer has customizable messaging, including a name, description, coupon and custom URL.

Sharing offers

Each offer has a custom URL which can be shared anywhere. When a visitor clicks an offer URL, they will land on your website with Portal displaying the offer.

An example of a Portal offers page

It's possible to share your offer with your audience in lots of different ways:

  • Include a link to your offer in a newsletter sent to your free audience, or a segment of your audience, using an email call to action card.
  • Mention your offer link in a podcast episode
  • Share your offer link on other platforms or social media
  • Add an offer link to your homepage for a limited time
  • Work with partners by creating custom offers for them to share with their audience, using an offer code with their first name.
Use short offer codes to give partners custom offer links to share with their audience

Discover how many times offers have been redeemed from the offers page, or archive page:

Archiving offers

All offers can be archived and reactivated at any time. Archiving an offer makes sure it is no longer available, and moves the offer to the archived folder.

Further reading

To learn more about discounting strategies, such as how to price your offers and how to balance conversion rates with retention, check out these insightful resources:

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As your business evolves, your discount strategy should too.