Anti-Spam Policy has a no tolerance spam policy. “Spam” means unsolicited communication to persons with whom our customers do not have a business relationship or who have not specifically requested (opted-in to) our customers’ mailings.

We monitor the Services for any large increases in sending emails. A user’s account will be terminated if the user sends unsolicited email messages. Please report any suspected abuse to [email protected]. ISPs and Blacklist administrators may contact us at [email protected]. Please forward the complete email in question, including headers. If applicable, please also unsubscribe from the newsletter using the link at the bottom of the email if you no longer wish to receive emails from the sender. We will take the appropriate action against the sender of the email in question.

To use our Services, you must agree to send only permission-based email. This means all recipients must have opted-in to receive communications from the sending entity.

An opt-in can occur either via a sign-up form on a web site, at a point-of-sale sign-up form, or on a physical sign-up sheet. Purchased lists may not be used with the Services, regardless of the source or permission status.

You may not use services to send messages to recipients that were:

  • Harvested or scraped from websites
  • Acquired through purchased lists (whether they are opt-in or not)

Additionally, the following sending practices are prohibited for all email sent from

  • Subscription forms that subscribe users to an unrelated list
  • Sending unrelated offers or unrelated content to your recipient list outside of the brand that they originally opted in to receive messages from.

You may:

  • Send out a regular content and scheduled emails to recipients who have opted-in to receive them
  • Send out information and content to recipients who have requested to receive content on that topic from your organization
  • Send out emails that result from actions carried out on your website

Procedure for Handling Complaints

Your account will be immediately terminated if we determine in our sole discretion that you send spam. If you use the Services to send out emails to addresses obtained in any way other than a subscriber opting-in to your list, you may incur a $100 (US) charge per substantiated incident (i.e. per email) in accordance with state and federal regulations.

To determine whether you have sent spam we will:

  • review the content of the message in question
  • review your subscriber list for patterns common to harvested lists
  • review the spam complaint
  • view the records to see when the subscriber was subscribed and their IP address

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