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API versioning

Ghost ships with a mature set of APIs. Each API endpoint has a status, which indicates suitability for production use. Read more about Ghost’s architecture.

Stability Index

  • Stable - forward compatible changes only
  • Experimental - being actively worked on, may receive breaking changes
  • Deprecated - scheduled for removal

Accept-Version Header

Accept-Version: v{major}.{minor}

The ‘Accept-Version’ header allows clients to indicate the minimum version of Ghost they can operate with. It also allows Ghost to determine and communicate if any recent breaking changes are unsuitable for a given client.

When the Accept-Version header is received, Ghost will respond with a Content-Version header indicating the version of the Ghost install that is responding.

If the Accept-Version header is received and the request cannot be processed, Ghost sends an email to the site’s owner and administrators with the details of the problem, to make it easy to find and fix issues with outdated clients.

Ghost major versions ship every 8-12 months, meaning code you write against our API today will be stable for a minimum of 2 years.