Twitter + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Twitter together

Grow your audience by collecting new signups on Twitter and send them to your Ghost publication

Twitter owns a newsletter service called Revue that allows you to collect single-click email newsletter signups directly from your Twitter profile.

Using this integration allows you to automatically send all new signups from Twitter to your Ghost membership website, so you can deliver email newsletters and sell premium memberships from Ghost, while attracting new signups on Twitter.

Here’s an example of what this looks like on a Twitter profile:

Sign up for Revue with Twitter

To get started, sign up for an account at using your Twitter account.

Enable newsletter subscribe on Twitter

From the Twitter integration settings page in your Revue account, check the Enable newsletter subscribe box and save your changes.

Set preview data

From your account page in Revue, set the preview data that you’d like to appear on your Twitter profile along with the subscribe button.

Send new Twitter signups to Ghost

Using Zapier, set up an automation to send all new signups from Twitter to Ghost with the Revue<>Zapier integration. Use this Zap template to create the exact automation required:

To connect Ghost to Zapier, locate your Admin API key and Admin API URL from Integrations → Zapier in Ghost Admin. To connect Revue to Zapier, locate your API key from the bottom of the integrations page.

Tip 💡 Update the total subscriber number on your Twitter profile by importing existing Ghost subscribers to Revue, or keep them in sync using an additional Zapier template.

Deliver content in Ghost

Your Twitter integration is all set. Now all new signups on Twitter will become free subscribers of your Ghost publication. From here you can deliver emails from Ghost, publish member-only posts, or turn subscribers into customers with premium memberships.