Revue + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Revue together

Integrate Ghost with Revue to automate keeping your subscribers in sync and ensure all of your subscribers receive your latest email campaigns

If you’re using Revue to curate and send your editorial newsletters, you can fully automate an integration with Ghost to ensure your subscribers are in sync.

Sync Ghost subscribers to Revue

If you’re using the built-in subscribers feature in Ghost to collect your readers email addresses and also using Revue to send campaigns, you can ensure that the two are continuously in sync using Zapier.

Setting up an automation will ensure subscribers in Ghost are always pushed into Revue, or vice versa, saving you tons of time in manual updates.

Once this integration has been setup it’ll run in the background and make sure that your subscriber lists are always up to date.

Do more with Zapier

Power up your site even further using Zapier! If you’re already using Revue for email campaigns, then you might also like some of these complimentary automations: