Gmail + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Gmail together

Create useful email alerts when something changes on your Ghost site using a Gmail integration

It can be useful to create email notifications when posts are published or members are created on your Ghost site. That’s where an integration with Gmail comes in. Follow these steps to get notified when your team publishes content, or when you gain a new member!

Create a Zapier account

Create a Zapier account if you don’t already have one, and build your first automation.

You can also use this handy template which already has most of the steps for this tutorial completed for you:

Select a trigger event in Ghost

Starting with Ghost, and decide which trigger event you’d like to use. The most common options are Post Published and Member Created.

Create an action using Gmail

Next, choose Gmail as your “do this” action, and select Send Email as your action event:

Customise your email alerts

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be given the opportunity to customise your email by deciding who it is sent to as well as a subject line and email body:

You can send these alerts to any number of email addresses, and create any kind of message as your subject line and body. You can also insert dynamic data from Ghost, such as a members name and email address.

Keep your inbox tidy

If you prefer, you can take this integration one step further by creating a folder to automatically file these emails into a specific place, reducing clutter in your inbox. It’s easy enough to do this from within your Zapier automation, without needing to set up rules in Gmail.

You’re all set! Once your Zapier automation is published, you’ll start to receive alerts about new posts or members on your Ghost site. Remember, you can tweak these emails at any time!

Do more with Zapier automation

It’s possible to connect Gmail to many more of your favourite tools and align all of your processes using Zapier with lots of commonly used Zaps already pre-built, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can build your own: