Transistor + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Transistor together

Host a podcast on your Ghost site using an integration with Transistor, or run a member only podcast using some automations.

If you’re running a podcast and hosting it with, it’s possible to share your podcast content directly with your members in Ghost using embeds and automations. This integration is ideal for publishers growing an audience and offering unique content via a free or premium podcast.

Embed a podcast episode into any post

Go to the Episodes page in your Transistor dashboard, and click the ... icon on the right of the episode you’d like to embed.

Copy the embed code provided:

It’s also possible to use other types of embeds offered by Transistor, such as the latest episode, or a multi-episode embed — read more.

Paste it into an HTML card

Once you have the embed code, go to your post in Ghost Admin, insert a HTML card and paste your code.

The embedded podcast player will now appear within your post.

Running a private podcast with Ghost + Transistor

If you’re using Transistor to run a private podcast that you’d like to share with members of your Ghost site, you can use the Transistor private podcast feature in conjunction with the membership features in Ghost.

Create a private podcast

First, create a new private podcast in your Transistor dashboard to generate a unique protected RSS feed for each of your members. Private podcasts aren’t searchable on podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcast — read more about how private podcasts work.

Give members in Ghost access to your podcast via Zapier

Zapier is a powerful no-code tool to automate actions and keep your members in Ghost in sync with external services, including Transistor. Our Zapier integration allows you to automate processes such as:

  • Give new members in Ghost access to a private podcast in Transistor
  • Send new podcast listeners in Transistor into Ghost as new members
  • Remove access to your private podcast when a member is deleted in Ghost

With the relevant automations in place, you can sit back and relax while new members in Ghost are automatically added to your podcast list in Transistor, and delivered a unique RSS feed URL to subscribe to your podcast content.